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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Property Developer Network?

Property Developer Network is by far the largest networking group of it’s kind in Australia, providing a range of services to support you on your property development journey.

What started out initially as 5 mates helping each other around a kitchen table we are now the only one with a national presence providing regular monthly networking events to support our community after starting way back in 2012. At every meeting you will hear from Industry experts that you will need on your journey, Real Deals shared by a member of our community, and participate in a masterminding process to help you to progress your own project or current challenge.

We know that in order for a deal to happen there are multiple elements to the equation, all of which can be daunting at first, however with the right support, tools, resources & education though, even a complete novice can take on their own development projects from small subdivisions to larger townhouse projects.

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned developer, a membership with Property Developer Network enables you to access MASSIVE discounts that are often better than trade on a range of essential tools & resources, building materials, appliances, kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, & much, much more. PLUS you get access to online recorded content from every one of our networking events ever held in any location across Australia, so if you ever can’t attend in person, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking to further your knowledge then we also have a range of education courses & events that might be of interest to progress your knowledge & experience. These courses aren’t just for beginners, we have plenty of seasoned developers attend to take their knowledge to a whole new level, and to take what may be thier ‘hobby’ to a successful career in Property Development.

What is involved in becoming a Property Developer?

In short…LOTS! Becoming a Property Developer is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’! It takes lots of hard work and dedication towards specific and measureable goals and actions that you complete on a daily basis to help keep you moving forward.

Joining our PDN Facebook group will give you a taster of the different aspects of the process that other members of our community come in contact with on a daily basis. You can also ask questions, and learn from others already doing Property Development deals for themselves, so you can further your own journey as you’re starting out.

Remember that we are here to support you! If you’re intersted in our Monthly Meetup events, or our other more formal education courses, visit this link HERE to learn more.


Do you have an online community?

Yes we do, a couple in fact!

We have our main Propety Developer Network Facebook group, where you can exchange stories, ask questions and share knowledge with other members of the community to help you progress on your Property Development journey.

We then also have our ‘sister’ group called Development Site Deal Hub targeted for those people looking for or selling on, off-market development sites.

Remember that everyone in our community is on the same journey that you are…so be sure to get involved, interact and network, as you never know where your next Joint Venture relationship could come from.


What is Property Development Formula?

Property Development Formula (PDF) is a 12 month immersive education, coaching & mentoring program teaching you all that you need to kick start your Property Development journey.

It’s like no other Property Development education course out there, we build your skills from the ground up and get you set-up for success via our overall development curriculum and program inclusions.

This truly is a hands on course and not just theory, you learn the tools of the trade with you using your laptop in class to analyse real sites LIVE in real time using Rob’s toll gating approach to fast track your analysis. The outcome being the ability to analyse sites in minutes for both their development potential and also their profit potential.

As part of this 12 month program we will help you lock in your development strategy and key target areas, then teach you how to become an area expert so that you can zone in on your first deal quickly. You will have your Coach to motivate and hold you accountable, and a Mentor to assist when you hit troubled times.

Our intention is to prepare you for what to expect on your journey, show you the path that they and others have taken, inspire you to take action, and provide the support that you need along the way.

Full details on the course can be found HERE

When is your next intake for your PDF program?

We generally do an intake at the start of every year, middle of every year and the end of every year.

Check out this page on our website HERE for more information about the program overall and the key dates for our next intake.

What is the cost of your PDF program?

We have varied payment options that we can assist you with including an outright payment option or a more flexbile payment plan, but generally like to speak with students who are interested to join to ensure you are a good fit for the program, and also how best we can assist you on your journey.

Check out this page HERE where you can submit your details and we will reach out to you to chat further.

Do you have specials for RPData or anything else?

Yes we do!

Become a Property Developer Network Annual Member today and you’ll get access to a multitude of member only benefits, including a RenoSave membership card where you can save thousands every year on your Renovations, Building products and Property Services Australia wide!

Head over to this page on our website to check out more details and sign-up today.

How can I join your Monthly Meetups?

Originally starting out with just 5 people sitting around Rob’s kitchen table, we now have a community of over 8,500 like minded novice Property Developers, and have grown from strength to strength building quite a reputation for helping to kick start and then accelerate peoples Property Development careers to help them in achieving their own financial freedom.

We now hold 3 Meetups each month where we have Industry Professionals present on topics that are relevant to you and address the challenges that you will face on your property development journey, we have members of our community presenting their own ‘Real Deals’ so that you can learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes, and lastly we have our very unique ‘Masterminding’ process where we help you to overcome any challenges you are currently facing.

If you become an Annual Member, you’ll get attendance to our Monthly Meetups included at a fraction of the cost of paying as a casual attendee, as well as MANY many more Member only benefits, so be sure to check out the details on our website here today!

Other than formal courses, what else do you offer?

Other than our more formal education courses and our Monthly Meetup events, we also have a Facebook community and YouTube channel where you can immerse yourself in many different aspects of the Property Development sphere.

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